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• Histopathologic analysis of a skin biopsy
• Histopathologic analysis of a malignant melanoma
• Histopathologic analysis of a nail biopsy
• Tzanck Smear (Stained/Unstained)
• Special Stains (Group I, Group II)
• Immunohistochemistry
• Consultation and report on referred slides and/or blocks
• Analysis of a hair pluck
• Slide Preparation
• Direct Immunofluorescence

Pinkus Dermatopathology Laboratory (Pinkus) is a full-service dermatopathology laboratory located in Monroe, MI. Founded by Herman Pinkus, M.D., a pioneer in dermatopathology, Pinkus has been a trusted member of Michigan’s dermatopathology community since 1944. As one of the oldest, nonhospital-based, dermatopathology laboratories in the world, client physicians recognize and trust the expertise that Pinkus has developed over the past 69 years. Internationally acclaimed for its many contributions to dermatopathology, Pinkus has been credited with having originally named and described numerous skin tumors and inflammatory skin diseases, including the following:

1. Alopecia Mucinosa
2. Basaloid follicular hamartoma
3. Eccrine poroma
4. Epidermotropic eccrine carcinoma
5. Follicular infundibulum tumor
6. Generalized follicular hamartoma
7. Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus
8. Large cell acanthoma
9. Linear porokeratosis
10. Perforating folliculitis
11. Perifollicular fibroma
12. Pigmented follicular cyst
13. Pilar sheath acanthoma
14. Premalignant fibroepithelial tumor
15. Reactive perforating collagenosis
16. Sebaceous/trichilemmal cysts
17. Syringoacanthoma
18. Trichodiscoma

Aurora Diagnostics was proud to have Pinkus join its family of laboratories in January 2010. In June of that year, Pinkus expanded its operations considerably by merging with Hilbrich Dermatopathology Laboratory, a Michigan-based facility located in Garden City, MI.

To maintain its record of providing high-quality, personalized, community-based services, Pinkus currently operates a 4,800 square-foot facility in Monroe and a secondary reading site in Garden City. Operating six days-per-week (Sunday-Friday/10 am to 5:30 pm), Pinkus processes over 105,000 accessions annually, resulting in over 140,000 specimens, 11,000 IHCs, and 7,380 special stains with an incredible average of over 99.7 percent of the laboratory test results reported within one business day. The laboratory achieves this through the remarkable dedication of its 11 full-time technical staff members and five full-time dermatopathologists. The laboratory utilizes four Leica tissue processors, four Leica embedding stations, seven Leica microtomes, one Dako IHC stainer, and one Sakura stainer. Dedicated and focused on quality and continuous improvement, the laboratory is both CAP- and TJC-accredited. Pinkus has also opted to exceed the common laboratory standards required to maintain CLIA certification, refine its processes, address/resolve any weaknesses, and constantly seek methods to enhance and improve its services.

Pinkus’ physician staff members, consisting of Medical Director David Mehregan, M.D.; Darius Mehregan, M.D.; Liaqat Ali, M.D.; Viktor Goncharuk, M.D.; and Stephen Olsen, M.D., are all board-certified dermatopathologists. All of their laboratory work, including research, is focused on diseases of the skin. What is generally considered rare or unusual at competing laboratories is viewed as routine at Pinkus due to the expertise of its dermatopathology staff. The current team of dermatopathologists offers over 80 years of combined experience and has analyzed over two million cases. Education of the next generation of physicians has been, and continues to be, a pursuit of passion at Pinkus. Its history includes a close association with the Oakwood Healthcare System and with several of Michigan’s institutions of higher learning, including the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. These relationships have been instrumental in enabling hundreds of students realize their dreams of qualifying for careers in dermatology and related fields of endeavor.

Pinkus remains focused on providing unparalleled dermatopathology services within the medical communities throughout the Great Lakes region. Aurora is honored to count Pinkus as one of its partners within its national network of diagnostic laboratories.

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